Happy New Year!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you again!

Meanwhile, we have some kinda big news to share.

Countdown Swing Boston has a NEW HOST!
– Kristen Shaw –

Countdown Swing Boston

A Message from Kristen

The first year I went to New Years Dance Extravaganza —  now Countdown Swing Boston —  was the end of 2013. At that event I did my first spotlight ever in a pro am Jack and Jill final with Gregory Scott. I was the am. (Duh). I remember before the contest final (which I was terrified for) Greg asking me if I was going to wear the same shirt so he could find something to match. I felt so much calmer after that because it showed how much he cared.

But really, it’s not that surprising when you work behind the scenes and you see how much everyone at this event cares. Year after year as I got more involved, I saw the heart and soul of this event was one where from the top down the motivation was to get it right, and to have a party while doing it. All thanks to Bill Cameron and Yuna Davtyan and their amazing team.

They know better than to mess with what works. They put the right people into the right places and trust them to do their jobs. Of course there’s stress. There’s a lot of hours and tears trying to get the job done right. But there’s a lot of laughter and joy, and positivity along the way.

I couldn’t have imagined 8 years ago that I would take over this event. I was just trying to survive my first spotlight and I was in awe of everyone and everything around me. I don’t remember the details, but I remember being surrounded by friends, the celebration, and the high of ringing in the new year surrounded by a community I love dearly.

I will do my best to continue the spirit of what Bill and Yuna have started. I will also adapt and bring new ideas to the table and thread them in each year, with the intent to make this event even more welcoming and joyful each year.

I’m nervous. I’m excited. And I’m ready to get started!


Countdown Swing Boston