Divisions for all Levels

We offer a variety of divisions with spotlight finals for many contests.

Jack & Jills


Register for the correct level according to your WSDC points then get paired with a random partner in the same level to dance to songs picked by the DJs.
Finals for Novice and above will be spotlight format.
Divisions: Newcomer, Novice, Masters, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star

Pro Am Jack & Jills


Get paired with random pros in prelims and one pro in finals. Newcomer/Novice and Intermediate for Leaders and Followers. If you are allowed to compete in that role in WSDC, you can compete in that division in the ProAm JnJ. Finals will be spotlight format.
Divisions: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate


Pick your partner and dance to songs picked by the DJs. Be sure to register for the correct division according to the WSDC points for the partner in the highest level. Finals for Intermediate and above will be spotlight format. You can compete in 2 divisions: one in your dominant role at your highest level, and one level down in your non-dominant role.

Divisions: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star

Rising Star

Work with your professional coach to learn choreography and then put the show on the floor!

Pro Am Routines

Work with your pro to learn a swing routine and then show us your best stuff!

New Year’s Eve Charity “Fun” Raiser

This year we’re going to add a ‘for fun’ competition on New Years’ Eve…and it will test your determination and perseverance!

Half of the pot will go to charity, the other half will go to one winner. There will be three elimination rounds to get down to a final winner and they will be influenced by global new year’s eve traditions. Spots may be raffled off to enter! $5 to enter, and you can enter multiple times for more chances to be chosen!